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Root Cellar - 06/20/2018
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Chelsea Davis (L) co-owner of the Root Cellar (at 1005 Park Ave here in Columbia, and on E High St in Jeff City) was invited by Rebekah R (R) for a program.

Chelsea is co-owner and a farmer, with her husband, in Millersburg. They went to Mizzou Ag School and are self proclaimed 'serial entrepreneurs'.

The Root Cellar is a local food grocery store promoting eating seasonal and local, one week at a time.

Benefits of eating seasonal: reduced stress, reduces daily calories, engages the creative part of the brain and builds community. These benefits were determined by a study in Wisconsin.

Getting started: Explore seasons (Food Link lists 'in season foods' in your area: Seasonal...

Committee Day - 05/30/2018
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Committee Days are held on 5th Wednesdays. The following committees met and will be sending reports:

Community Service: Adult and/or kids in the community providing service (ie: Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House meal preps).

Service Leadership: K-kids in the elementary schools, Builders clubs in the Middle Schools, and Key clubs in the High Schools. Kids learning leadership thru service.

Youth Services: Community youth programs supported (ie: Boy Scouts, Granny's House, Day Dreams Foundation)

Young Children Priority One: Supporting youth from birth through school age (ie: Parents As Teachers, First Chance for Children, Douglass HS Nursery)

Membership: Growing adult and youth Kiwanis clubs.

What A Circuit Judge Does - 05/16/2018
Submitted by: Deb Shore
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Judge Jeff Harris, Circuit Judge, was introduced by club member Virginia Allen. He is currently serving as Circuit Judge for the 13th Judicial Circuit. Circuit Judge since 2016. Former Policy Director for Gov. Jay Nixon; State Representative and Minority Leader of the Missouri House of Representatives; attorney at Bryan Cave LLP, Atwill & Montgomery and Missouri Attorney General's Office. 
- Vanderbilt University, B.A., magna cum laude, 1987 ; Cornell Law School, J.D. 1991

Judge Harris shared 3 topics. Civics lesson, education and interest. Feels 'we don't do a good enough job educating'. What is it that a circuit court does? The Federal Judicial System...

Mount Ranier Expedition - 05/12/2018
Submitted by: Deb Shore
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Matt Seek is a writer and editor for the Missouri Department of Conservation, invited by Nancy Burke (club member), to give this program after seeing an article in the magazine, Missouri Conservation. Matt directed us to the September 2017 edition, entitled Three Men and Mount Ranier.

Matt made an off-hand comment at work about his 40 year birthday, resulting in he and friends deciding to climb Mt. Ranier. Only half of climbers reach the summit. He shared a slideshow with a variety of pictures, taken by one of the group. 

They prepared for climbing by going up and down the 100 feet of stairwells in the garage in downtown Columbia, nicknamed 'garagezilla'....

Scotty Punctual - 05/03/2018
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Scott Belden, our newest member, volunteered to give our program today! He was introduced to the club by Weezer and Deb (pictured R) is his co-sponsor.

Scott asked 'what is poetry' and offered that is is 'seeing what's already there, then capturing it. In his life, it started as a joke. His first book was telling his parents about all the bad things family did as kids, entitled Wholesome Family Poems.

He then 'signed' and spoke a poem "What I Did on My Summer Vacation". It's a chiastic acrostic. He used the alphabet to recap what happened over the summer, front to back, ASAP.

Attending choir at church, he was asked 'what can you do'? He has learned...

Kings' Daughters Provide Dental Care to Missouri's Indigent Youth - 04/25/2018
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Kings' Daughters Provide Dental Care to Missouri's Indigent Youth

Spinal Health - 04/18/2018
Submitted by: Deb Shore
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Dr. Monique White (R) was introduced by club member, Barbara Wolf. She is a second-generation Chiropractor, practicing here in Columbia with her parents. All three of whom graduated from Logan University, College of Chiropractic. She has her Masters in Sports Rehabilitation and serves as a team doctor for a local cheerleading and gymnastics gym. She serves with the Pascale's Pals organization, founded in honor of her younger sister who is a cancer survivor. Dr. Monique said it's a 'gift' to work with her parents. Her sister is currently pursuing her Master's in Elementary Education.

Chiropractic is a form of the healing arts. In ancient times, it was referred to as 'bone...

New member inducted - 04/18/2018
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Scott Belden (center), was inducted as a new member into our club, by President Angela Pigg (L). Scott was introduced to the club by Weezer (Louise Simon, not shown) who will be retiring & moving to AR in May. Deb Shore (R) was Weezer's sponsor, and is now Scott's sponsor.

Scott was born and raised in Columbia, and attended Columbia Public Schools. He is now working at Rockbridge HS. 

He will be giving a presentation entitled "Scotty Punctual" to our club on May 2.

Welcome, Scott!

FBI program: Identity Theft - 04/12/2018
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FBI Special Agent Chad John (L) was invited by Jo Behymer (R) to share information on Identity Theft. He is also a CPA, as is his wife. 

The primary reason for ID theft is greed. We have all been impacted. When an individual is victimized and losses occur, those are assumed by credit card issuers and banks, and that is passed through to everyone by increased prices, rates and fees.

There are multiple ways to steal identities, such as dumpster diving, taking mail from mail boxes, and data breaches to name a few.

Preventing ID theft can be through monitoring your financial accounts and credit card billing statements. Make sure each and every charge can be verified by you. Sometimes very...

Jail - 04/04/2018
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Gary Oxenhandler (L) attorney, was introduced by Nancy Burke (R), club member, after having met him at an Osher class.

Gary is a mediator and arbitrator, partnering with his son, Josh, in Oxenhandler Law. He believes that whatever he achieved in his life was due to being Janet's husband and Josh's dad. Raised in St. Louis, he obtained his Bachelor's degree from MU. He served in the Army in '69 & '70. He obtained his Juris Doctor in '73 at MU. From '73-2002, he practiced law in Columbia. He was appointed by Governor Bob Holden as Circuit Judge for Division II of the 13th Judicial Circuit, elected and re-elected in '04 & 2010. He has been actively involved...