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Life with the Porters - 12/06/2017
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Lisa Porter discussed her family's life's journey of faith with Boonslick Kiwanis.

Tags of Hope - 11/22/2017
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Christi Farmer (L), shown with club member Nancy Burke (R). Known to each other through church, Christi started a program called Tags of Hope. Currently housed at Community UMC, they "provide hope, clothing, books and more to foster children in mid-Missouri".

Data from 2016 was shared in that there were 1,370 children in foster care in mid-Missouri. 502 of these in Boone County and over 20,000 in the state. The average stay is 20 months and average age is 10 years old. In Boone County, only 154 cases were closed and only 140 adopted out.

A goal is for the kids to 'shop' quarterly. Each can select a number of items such as shirts, socks, books, etc. Most items they give are 'gently...

Lutheran Family & Children's Services - 11/15/2017
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Laura Farmer (center), Regional Director and Truman Orson (L), Development Officer were introduced by Rod Hartwig (R), club member to share information on LFCS.

Over 300 women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies every year come to LFCS for help and hope. They may be in crisis because of housing, medical care, anxiety, and depression, among other things. They provide assistance to help her make a positive plan for herself and her baby.

During National Adoption Month, LFCS has events to support the services provided by them. There is a Bookfair at Barnes and Noble on Friday, Nov. 17. You can visit online from 11/17-11/24 and enter Bookfair ID 12244984. There's also...

Army Ants Invade Boonslick - 11/08/2017
Submitted by: Deb Shore
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Members of the Army Ants joined Boonslick Kiwanis for breakfast and an opportunity to educate our members about what the Army Ants do.

Robotics competition is 6 weeks to design a robot. It's open to all High School students in Boone County. They meet at MU campus and have 35 members this year.

The challenge/topic is 'steam works'.

First steamworks was airships.

120 lb. airship, 5 feet of climbing rope

Points for 2 min. 30 sec.

Students use Computer Assisted Design, named 'Ralph'. 

Students develop leadership, team work, creative thinking, tech skills, mechanical design, programing and CAO.

Company sponsorships, money for parts. ie: boeing, 3M, etc

13 of team is female.


Dr. Eryca Neville, Principal, Frederick Douglass High School - 11/01/2017
Submitted by: Deb Shore
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Dr. Eryca Neville (L), Principal, Frederick Douglass High School, invited by Roger Dawdy(R), Boonslick Kiwanis club member, inspired us with her story and some of the stories and challenges of students at Douglass High School.

Located at Providence and Garth, the building was literally falling apart. 

Working with some of the most fragile children in Columbia, they provide a small, personalized learning environment. These are adult-deprived young people. Some of them are health compromised. there are no more than 15 in a class. There are no fights in the hallways. 

Only 22 graduated per year when she got there. Now 122 are graduated. Goal is to build competent adults....

Ashley Smith with Ronald McDonald House - 10/25/2017
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Ashley Smith, Director of Development from the Ronald McDonald House, shared information about her organization with Boonslick.

This is the 4th year in their new location behind Women’s and Children’s Hospital.  Ronald McDonald House is a safe, comfortable “home environment” for families of children (21 years or younger) that are using local health care facilities.  The average length of stay for a family is 10 days with the longest stay this year of 120 days. 

This year, Ronald McDonald House has served 1850 people, from 69 Missouri counties, 24 States and 2 countries outside the United States.

This year, Ronald McDonald House has served 329 meals with...

Volunteer of the Month for September, 2017 - Columbia, MO - 10/18/2017
Submitted by: Deb Shore
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We were fortunate to be joined by Tom (center) and Josh Froidl (R), who are two of their family of four (Molly & Drew couldn't be here) that recently received recognition as volunteers by the City of Columbia. Leigh Kottwitz (L) presented them with a certificate of appreciation signed by Mayor Treece. Here is the link to read about their service: Froidl Family

Youth Protection Training - 10/18/2017
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Today's program was given by the club President, Angela Pigg and her husband, and past-President, Matt Pigg. The topic was Youth Protection. This is an annual training for the club members to keep children safe.  Kiwanis focuses on service of children from birth to college, and offers adult clubs to continue and grow these services. 

These 3 websites define Kiwanis International committment:

Ballot issues: Proposition U & Proposition 1 - 10/11/2017
Submitted by: deb Shore
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Steve Sapp (L), Community Relations for city of Columbia, Nancy Burke (center), club member and Fred Perry, Boone County Southern District Commissioner (R).

Boone County doesn't have a use tax. It will be easy to implement, more difficult to enforce, however easier that before due to lawsuits (ie:

Amazon garners 43% of Missouri sales.

Misinformation is that it is not a double tax. In an annual survey of city residents, 62% are favorable to putting this issue on the ballot. Revenues will be divided between General Revenue, Transportation, Parks & Recreation (maintenance), Roads and Public Safety.

There are no organized objectors to the use tax issues (one is city, the other...

Outreach: First Annual Missourian Progress Awards - 10/11/2017
Submitted by: deb shore
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Nancy Burke, club member (L) with Allysa Saleda, (R) with the Columbia Missourian newspaper, works to engage the community to inform of the upcoming planned Progress Awards. 

The intent is to honor those who move our community forward. There are multiple categories.

Nominations can be done online (link below). The last day to submit is October 31.

Nominate someone for Progress Awards

There will be a celebration at the Blue Note where nominees will be recognized, and those who nominate them are invited.